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20 Hang Muoi St, Ly Thai To Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist,


Sales: +84 [0] 2439.234.105

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Our Team

C.E.O Go Asia

Mr. Bui Van NghiemAvatar-Alova-Mr Nghiem

Please call me Nick and it's a pleasure to work with this great Team of Go Asia I'm sure that you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience when you travel with us.
Let me "Care About Your Trip"
Phone: +84 (02) 439.234.848 (Ext. 108)
Mobile: +84 (02)

Director of Sales Marketing
Mr. Tran Ngoc HungQuy_Nguyen_Dac_Marketing_Sales_Director_Go_Asia_Travel.com_owner_Alova_Cruises

Xin Chao all, my name is Anthony and for me tourism is my passion besides of I love to travel myself, one of the reasons I wanted to work for because here is a great working environment, friendly colleagues and professional style.
Phone: +84 (02) 439.23 4848 (Ext. 102)
Mobile: +84 (0) 989 888 585

Accounting Manager
Ms. Nguyen Hien (Sara)

Working as Accounting Manager from the beginning, I feel many interesting things behind the number. I’m very happy to see the number of tourist we serve increasing more and more. In my free time, I love shopping, if you need a shop assistant, call me and I will be your friendly guide.
Phone: +84 (02)
Mobile: +84 (0) 915.189.898


Sales Manager Hotel Agent Market
To Thanh TuyenSales Manager Hotel Market

My name is Tuyen, I'm responsible for the hotels and agent here in Hanoi. It's great to work with good serviced tour products.It's not only satisfied me but especially my agents they are very happy to sell our tour products.
Phone: +84 (02)4.39.23 4848 (Ext. 108)
Mobile: +84 (0)964 529 933

Quality Control Manager
Nguyen Dinh Nghe (Peter)Avatar-Alova-Mr Nghe

I was impressed by Go Asia for its great working environment and professional style. Training is the secret word of the company and I love to train our guides into a good host, the guys are doing a good job a can see that on the reviews and the motivation of our Team.
Phone: +84 (0) 912.536.382

Quality Control Manager
Go Asia Travel TeamNguyen Dinh Nghe (Peter) 

Hello, my name is Peter, I am in charge of tour guide team in Go Asia Travel. I always recruit good tour guides and train them to be professional ones who can handle your tours with the best services. I need to go out of Hanoi a lot. I really love my job here with my team. I am sure that you will be satisfied with our services. Have a good trip.

Go Asia Travel TeamDinh Viet Hung (Ticket)

If you read reviews on Tripadvisor, maybe I am the person who are mentioned the most. I am Hung. I am 42 years old now. I worked for many companies, however, I love Go Asia Travel and all members here. I always try to teach you the most useful tips when you travel in Vietnam, you can ask me where to entertain? what to eat? How to get there? …It is my pleasure to be with you. If you would like me to be your tour guide, please order with my company, cheers.


Go Asia Travel TeamNguyen Ba Thuan

My name is Thuan, I have been working for Go Asia Travel for 1 year and a half. I really love the working environment here. I can improve my skills as well my knowledge. I got a lot of care from my manager. They treat me very well. Before working here, I was a little bit shy, however, I am now confident to take you to all places in Vietnam. Let’s go with us.


Go Asia Travel TeamLuu Ngoc Quang

I am Quang, I live in Hanoi, it is nice to be with you on the trip. I love travelling, that is the reason why I work here. My job is to bring you the most exciting memories of Vietnam. It is my homeland. You can ask me as many questions as you can. My target is to be the best tour guide in Vietnam soon, so please help me to do that. Thank you and hope to meet you soon.

  to be far from home for long. I like to discover the new lands and local people’s life. In my spare time, I play football with my friends and it is a good fun. Welcome to Vietnam and let me be your guide.

Nguyen Nam ThangGo Asia Travel Team

I am Thang, I just finish my training time to be the full time tour guide in Go Asia Travel. I used to work as a receptionist in the hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. My dream is to become the best tour guide in Vietnam. So I was looking for a really good company to work for to make my dream become true. I like talking with you to share the travel experience and knowledge. If you are traveling in Vietnam, let me be your guide. I am happy to do that job with all my heart.

Go Asia Travel TeamBui Thi Phuong

My name's Phuong. I love Vietnam and proud of its amazing nature, a deep orient culture blended with local traditional customs and its unforgettable history. Showing them to you, my travelers, is my passion. Your satisfaction about the trip is my happiness. You will come back to visit a place when you like a place so much. Thus making you falling in love with my country is my mission. I will customize your trip upon your special requests to help you with just a limited time, but so much to enjoy.




Go Asia Travel TeamVi Thi Chi

Hello, I'm Chii. I'm born and raised in Vietnam and I love to show people my country. I'm just starting my tour company but I've already given many successful tours in Vietnam. Our team has well knowledge about Vietnam include geography, people, culture and tradition. We always to the best to bring the great experience for tourists when visiting Vietnam. We bring travelers to local site with small streets, villages, market…see real life of Vietnam. A good trip is not only made by good visiting places, it's also coming from the experience and the friendship with our staff and people you meet. We'd be happy to provide you with references of people that have used our service.


Tour Operator Manager
Go_Asia_Travel.com_owner_Alova_Cruises.comMai Nhu Quynh 

Hello everyone! I’m Quynh and I have worked for Go Asia Travel since 2011 and I really like my job, the guys are really professional and have a good vision, that make my work easy to plan all the tours.
Phone: +84 (02) 
Phone: +84 (02)

Tour Operator
Ms My - Tour OperatorNguyen Huyen Mi

Hello everyone!I'm new member of tour operator department. My job is quite busy but I love it. Operating all land services to make sure a great trip for you is what I am doing
Mobile: +84 (02)
Phone: +84 (02)


Sales Manager T/A Market
Cruise_manager_alovacruises.comMr. Vu Phu Quynh ( Mando)

Xin chao! Welcome to Charming Vietnam! Do you believe? Let’s come to explore Vietnam. Alova team promise to care about your trip! I am mainly working with the Travel Company all over the world, It is very lovely when Alova Cruises host a big group from our partners !
Mobil: +84 (0) 931 822 688
Office: +84 (02) 439.234.848 (Ext. 108)


Sales Manager Hotel Market
Cruise_manager_alovacruises.comTo Thanh Tuyen

My name is Tuyen, I'm responsible for the hotels and agent here in Hanoi. It's great to work with good serviced tour products.
It's not only satisfied me but especially my agents they are very happy to sell our tour products.
Phone: +84 (02)
Mobile:+84 (0) 0964.529 933

Sales Executive

Mr Tien - Sales Executive Go Asia Travel

Mr Nguyen Van Tien

Working with the sales agents in Hanoi help me to become Guru of Hanoi, if you want to have a food tour in Hanoi, please contact me ! When you meet me you will see I am a very friendly and approachable. I love to travel and want to be acquainted with all the peoples. Welcome to Viet Nam, Welcome to in Halong.
Skype/Ym: gattravel14
Mobile: +84 (0) 988 668 596
Office: +84 (02) 439.234.848 (Ext: 108)

Sales Executive

Ms Hien, Nancy - Sales Executive Go Asia Travel

Ms Nguyen Tien Thi Hien (Nancy)

Being a honest, friendly and enthusiastic person, I try my best all the time to bring the satisfied vacations to all of you. I love Sapa too much and want to share with you great experience here. Let's feel home away from home. Simply contact me anytime.
Mobile: +84 (0) 1682 433 780
Office: +84 (02) 439.234.848 (Ext: 103)