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Tour Guide

Quality Control Manager
Go Asia Travel TeamNguyen Dinh Nghe (Peter) 

Hello, my name is Peter, I am in charge of tour guide team in Go Asia Travel. I always recruit good tour guides and train them to be professional ones who can handle your tours with the best services. I need to go out of Hanoi a lot. I really love my job here with my team. I am sure that you will be satisfied with our services. Have a good trip.

Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamDao Duy Hieu (Nick)

I am Nick, I have been working for Go Asia Travel for 3 years now. I normally take you to Halong Bay, Ninh Binh and Sapa. My favorite place is Halong Bay. I can be there all the times without feeling bored of it. Halong bay is so nice and spectacular. You must be there once. Let me be your guide to take you to discover Halong Bay with our cruises.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamNguyen Quoc Tuan

My name is Tuan, I am the guide working for Go Asia Travel. I love this company very much. Here, I can improve my skills and serve you. Nowadays, travelling in Vietnam needs you to be knowledgeable so I can provide you the most useful information about the place you are going to visit. I am honest and helpful, so let’s go with us.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamNguyen Duc Tuan

Hi, I am Tuan, I just work for Go Asia Travel for 6 months. It is not a long time, however, with all my love for travelers, I hope that you can have the unforgettable travelling day in Vietnam. I will introduce you about our culture, cuisines, and our history. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will not let you down. My favorite place to go is Sapa. It is the cool place. Have a good day.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamDinh Viet Hung (Ticket)

If you read reviews on Tripadvisor, maybe I am the person who are mentioned the most. I am Hung. I am 42 years old now. I worked for many companies, however, I love Go Asia Travel and all members here. I always try to teach you the most useful tips when you travel in Vietnam, you can ask me where to entertain? what to eat? How to get there? …It is my pleasure to be with you. If you would like me to be your tour guide, please order with my company, cheers.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamNguyen Ba Thuan

My name is Thuan, I have been working for Go Asia Travel for 1 year and a half. I really love the working environment here. I can improve my skills as well my knowledge. I got a lot of care from my manager. They treat me very well. Before working here, I was a little bit shy, however, I am now confident to take you to all places in Vietnam. Let’s go with us.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamDo Tuan Linh

My name is Linh, I just work for Go Asia Travel for 2 years. I am fond of leading tours in the North of Vietnam. With my experience, you can have a good holiday without any rip off. I am a well-organized guide, I hate to be late, so that means if you go with me, we are almost punctual. I also have a lot of knowledge of history or cuisines…let me be your guide in Vietnam.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamLuu Ngoc Quang

I am Quang, I live in Hanoi, it is nice to be with you on the trip. I love travelling, that is the reason why I work here. My job is to bring you the most exciting memories of Vietnam. It is my homeland. You can ask me as many questions as you can. My target is to be the best tour guide in Vietnam soon, so please help me to do that. Thank you and hope to meet you soon.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamPhung Quang Thinh

I am Thinh, I used to work in hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter as an receptionist. That was a really boring job. So I decided to become a tour guide. I can go to the new places and meet many people from all over the world to learn their culture and language. For 2 years working here. I have many things to tell you and I am confident to take you to Halong Bay and Ninh Binh. Those are my favorite places. Let me be your tour guide. You will not be disappointed.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamLe Quang Trung

Just moving from Centre of Vietnam, I apply to work for Go Asia Travel. I am straight, enthusiastic and kind. I think with all those characteristics I can be a good tour guide. I really love this job though I have to be far from home for long. I like to discover the new lands and local people’s life. In my spare time, I play football with my friends and it is a good fun. Welcome to Vietnam and let me be your guide.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamBui Ngoc Thanh

If you are on the trip to Ninh Binh or Halong Bay, you may not see me because I work only on the bus to Sapa. I love Sapa very much, I used to live there for a few years. I know everything in Sapa from the locals to the flowers in the field. I can take you to some remote hill tribe villages to stay in the ethnic people for 1 night, to have dinner with them and sleep in their home. I wish to see you soon on Good Morning Sapa Bus.


Tour Guide
Go Asia Travel TeamNguyen Nam Thang

I am Thang, I just finish my training time to be the full time tour guide in Go Asia Travel. I used to work as a receptionist in the hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. My dream is to become the best tour guide in Vietnam. So I was looking for a really good company to work for to make my dream become true. I like talking with you to share the travel experience and knowledge. If you are traveling in Vietnam, let me be your guide. I am happy to do that job with all my heart.